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November 9, 2006

The Return of the Flower Power

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Who would have thought that after my midlife crisis I would start a renaissance of the flower power and hippie era?

OK, maybe it’s not a complete renaissance but at least THE non-conformist uniform of that time is coming back and I have my fingers in it.

How? – Tie-Dye, or tye-dye, how some incorrectly spell it, is my new business which can be found at with the plug-text Unique tie dye from Thailand. And yes, this is the big difference to the olden days tie dye, which was made in the kitchen all by yourself – this one is made in a factory in Thailand – no, not a sweat-shop! – because -from the seventies to today we should have learned something.

That something could be that you don’t have to do everything yourself, and that you can develop a sense of business. With the added advantage that now you can share these cool clothes with others.

And cool they are – it’s not your standard spiral on the chest as in the past seventies – it’s some really unique designs that I sometimes call ‘wearable art’.

O, yes, also want to show off my cool banner ad I have made for the site.

You can see it at the main page of GeZi World I on the right side.

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