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November 21, 2006

Today I discovered Yessy

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It’s OK – I also never heard about Yessy before either but it appears to be quite a bit of a big site. The subject is “Selling Art” for you and me.

When I learned about it I used all my SEO (search engine optimization) tools to check it out – looking at page rank and back links and all that other stuff SEOers do.

One interesting thing I learned when I compared its traffic with that of amazon over the last year using alexa – while amazon had this nice squiggle graph going across the page, the graph of yessy was more or less a straight line at the bottom.

Artistic rendition of a Henley Shirt at ThaiDye.comSo, yes, it does not compare with amazon but a few million hits a day is still nothing to cough at (or what is that expression?)

OK, we always thought of our ThaiDye Jackets and Shirts as art I thought this is the right site for us. There is a 14 days free trial and after that it’s only some $60 per year. They can even act as your escrow service – even though for a rather steep 10%. In comparison to eBay they don’t forbid you to point your visitors to your own site.

So, if I can get some decent traffic to my own site througyessysy to my own site then $56 per year is actually very cheap for link building.

And the shopping holidays are close and we try to get some of that consume cake so everything we can do do sell more of our gorgeous women jackets is a good thing.

Considering all this I set up camp at yessy with a gallery of some of our One-of-a-king women’s jackets and tops. Will see how this will be ranking in the engines tomorrow.

By the way, this image hereĀ  is the proof that our ThaiDye site is about art…

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