GeZi World II

January 29, 2007


Filed under: General — gezi @ 12:39 am

Got a little bit of a scare tonight.

And I wasn’t even programming!

I got one big bug not in – but on – my computer! Maria, thank you so much for causing this into my life and thus on my computer – – how am I going to debug that?


But this got me to think a bit about programming and the real debugging. Except some development for the web in php and html (which isn’t really programming) I haven’t done anything in this area for four years now, and I wonder if I could still do this.

Or is programming a skill that is forgotten when not used – like in – don’t use it, loose it?

Maybe I should take on a big programming job to try if I still have the ability to code – but then again – I don’t really like to. I guess I have turned from a programmer to a …….. user!

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