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July 3, 2007

Dear Rose

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I am so glad that the situation between us has been so nicely remedied.

You know, when I told you that I had been declared a ‘Suppressive Person’ by the Church of Scientology some 20 years ago and you in response to that ‘disconnected’ from me, in other word just cut all communication with me and thus with Zen, your student in preschool and kindergarten, who loves you dearly, I was first confused because I absolutely would not have expected that from you and then deeply disappointed.

From my experience I knew that many did disconnect – – but you?

I know that your situation was not an easy one – by a long-shot – and I appreciate that. I guess you had just decided to go back on OT 7 and it could be at least difficult with the current state of the church if you were connected to a person being declared a ‘suppressive person’ even though you knew that he was not. I know that you did not think so because we knew each other for many years had been talking plenty, had been camping together and – I think – liked each other.

I think you confirmed that in your report about me in which you said: “In summary, I highly recommend Gunter for any endeavor he may seek to pursue. He will be a valuable asset for any organization.” I still remember when I got a copy of this letter how warm and fuzzy I felt inside.

But then again, at this time you did not know that some people within the church had decided 20 years ago that I belonged to the 2.5% of anti-social persons. The reasoning and its application was – in my eyes – rather inventive when mapped against LHR policy, but you have already decided that all that is irrelevant for your evaluation.

I can only imagine that you stumbled over LRH’s great 1961 article ‘Personal Integrity’ in the magazine Ability:

WHAT IS TRUE FOR YOU is what you have observed yourself
And when you lose that you have lost everything.

What is personal integrity?
Personal integrity is knowing what you know—
What you know is what you know—
And to have the courage to know and say what you have observed.
And that is integrity
And there is no other integrity.

I mean this is brutal, isn’t it? You probably read this and realized what it really means – ‘when you lose that you have lost everything.’ And that there is no other integrity.

This is nearly as if we don’t have free choice, right? I know you wanted to go back on OT 7 and that might have caused you to drop me like a hot potato and I totally understand this. I had paid up to OT 3 when I came over here and wanted to do this before I joined the Sea Org, and then there was suddenly the requirement of some more sec checks that I did not have the money for – that was disappointing – for sec checks!

But I’m glad that you have seen that there is no OT 7 if you break your personal integrity. I mean you can certainly go through the motions, but we both now what’s that worth.

Other big point to consider is you son in the Sea Org. Could be outright dangerous if you would stand up for what you know to be true if it conflicts with church doctrine. But here again, if LRH is right – and I believe he is – if you break your own knowingness ‘you have lost everything.’

So that you have given yourself a push and stood up for what you know to be right gave me back that warm and fuzzy feeling I mentioned earlier. I know that you can reach everything with that kind of attitude. Especially as there is no scarcity in this world. Nobody can take or keep away anything from you – except you yourself. And you have already decided that you are not going to do that!

Just as a little hint that you are completely on policy with what you are doing this one piece of information might be helpful:

HCOPL of 15 Nov 1968


Because we can now handle all types of cases disconnection as a condition is canceled.


Just make sure that this PL is still in the books. It was before LRH left the game.

You know, Rose, the last time we talked on the phone when you told me that you would be disconnecting you also advised me that I should not give up handling my cycle with the CofS. I took your advise to heart and after realizing that the church is not one faceless entity but is made up of its members I decided to work on the one terminal where I would expect the biggest possibility of success.

And that was you. So I kept on postulating and visualizing that you would find something that would turn you back into the person I know and respect. I am so glad that I succeeded in that.

Much Love,


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