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August 20, 2010

Cool Trees – photoshopped or Not

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I’m sure that many of these images are born in the bowls of photoshop and not in nature – but they are cool and well worth watching.

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February 7, 2009

A few cool optical illusions

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Thanks Julie for forwaring these to me.

Greeting from Mr Escher

Greetings from Mr. Escher


move in and out to see it move

See them move when you move


yes, these are straight lines

Yes, these are straight lines!


moving wheels - this is not an animation

Click for full size and see them move


And now the best of them all,
stare at the four little dots for half a minute or so,
then look at a blank wall –
and have a religious experience…


Got Complaints…

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Think again!

Complains about education

Complaints about Veggies

Complaints about overbearing care

iComplaints about boredom

Complaints about the right shoes

Thankful for a bed to sleep in

Oh, yeah, and there are those who get very upset that they can’t have a new car right now – like this…

honda odyssey

December 19, 2008

Misleading Depth of Field

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Wikipedia has a long and in-depth article on Depth of Field but with all the formulas you can get lost very easily.

So here we show you some images that were sent to me (so unfortunately I don’t have any sources to quote) show casing what depth of field is not. I know, the logic is a bit twisted but what can you do if you have to write an intro to some pictures you want to show that don’t really need an introduction?

October 21, 2008

Fear of Heights? – – Nah!

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Just looking at this make me dizzy, and imagining that would be me created much worse body reachtions. This, by the way, in Hong Kong – it sure is a nice view!

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