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December 31, 2006

Working with bLogs

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A long time client requested better positioning in the search engines.We had two domain names for the site, the main one being and a secondary that was just an alias to that primary site.

Now the idea was to disassociate the secondary domain name and make this into a blog on which articles and other faster changing context can be published. Also a good tool probably to trade links with other sites without making these links directly reciprical.

So, soon the secondary name had it’s own brand new bLog software running and is now, but an interesting effect was to be observed. The cached page on Googlele was the primary site and has still remained for quite a whilnow.

Today there was a change: no cached page on Google any more. Now to give Google a little boost and reminder to come by, we have this little article here, which is hopefully read by Google soon, to entice it to come by and take a look.

Will see how this will work.

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